Tools For Novice Filmmakers


Starting Out In Film or Audio?

In an ideal world, novice filmmakers would have access to premium (and often expensive) film and audio editing software.  

Fortunately, there are powerful free and low cost software packages available that we can use to create high quality films and audio.  Here are some worthy applications for your consideration.


Free And Low Cost Software:


Video Editors:



Davinci Resolve


Digital Audio Editors (DAWs):


Ocean Audio




Image Editors:







Important Things To Remember:


But what about online development tools?


While online development tools can facilitate media development, it is important to take time to read the end user license agreements (EULAs) for those online tools thoroughly before using them

In a lot of cases,  the the owners and managers of online media development applications have the right to use your media in any way they choose.



Copyright Your Work!


Most important of all … don’t forget to copyright your work!

To officially copyright your work, visit the US Copyright Office.