Mission Statement


The Communication Unit in the Department of Communication and Performing Arts of the University of the Virgin Islands is pleased to announce the first virtual Caribbean Film and Artistic Cinematic Festival (CCAF) online (via Zoom) on April 23 and 24, 2022.

CCAF was created to encourage students and community members to showcase their creative cinematic and audio works to inspire us, to entertain us, and to make us contemplate and understand the beauty and challenges of our lives. The festival is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the passionate artistry and unique creativity of all Caribbean communities.

Participants are encouraged to explore themes of all aspects of Caribbean life via their creative and passionate voices.

Caribbean Islanders are bold, creative visionaries and this year’s new festival features new and exciting competition categories reflect that innovative spirit. Entrants can now submit video and audio podcasts, radio plays, radio commercials and public service announcements!

Festival entries will be judged by a jury of panelists industry professionals, university representatives, UVI students, and community art enthusiasts. Merit, recognition, and special mention prizes will be awarded to the winners in each video (short films, commercials, documentaries, and theatrical cinema productions) and audio (radio plays, podcasts, commercials and public service announcements) categories. Media submissions will be judged on the creativity, passion, and tenacity of the artists to move, entertain, inspire audiences, reveal depth, sharpness, audacity, daring and humanity.


Project Ideological Framework

Media reflect culture and mirror our communal commitment to the continuation of art. The role(s) of dramatists, visual artists, filmmakers are impactful upon the freedom of thought and expression. Idealistic actors/actresses, amateur movie producers, and undiscovered photographers and painters are ageless and their talents indeterminate. Age, time and experience are negated and replaced by boundless quests for hope, joy and change.