Thank You … From Us

Thank you!

It is an honor to present The Caribbean Cinematic And Arts Festival. 


Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you.


Nadege Barber




Nadege Barber is a native of Dominica currently earning her bachelor’s in business management and a minor in communication. While at UVI, she had the opportunity to intern at companies such as INROADS and American
Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). Nadege was recently a part of the pilot program called PROPEL, a plan that is working to empower students from HBCU’s across the nation, equipping them with the latest technology and other resources. She aims to use her experience and knowledge to show others what can be achieved and open doors for those that desire to utilize the higher educational system to achieve advancement and empowerment.


Mike Bell




Michael Bell is a stoic scholar engaged in the field of communications. Currently a junior at the University of the Virgin Islands, where he is actively pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in communications. While his career path has yet to be decided, he also plans to obtain his master’s in business administration upon graduation. Michael is a fan of Japanese anime films and television series, manga, music, comedy, and entertainment. His dream job is to work in creative content at Netflix or In the Communication and intelligence department at the Central Intelligence Agency. 


Lana Cuffy




UVI graduate Lana Cuffy often has a busy schedule with her education, work, family, clubs, and organizations. This loyal, trustworthy young lady energetically and fearlessly takes on leadership roles, such as Curator and UVIABJ Undergrad Advisor. As a graduate with Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree with a concentration in Information Systems and Technology and a minor in Communication, Ms. Cuffy continually dedicates her communication skills, abilities, and personality to continue demonstrate her leadership abilities in diverse professional environments.


Carlos Eton




UVI Communication major and humorist Carlos Eton is inspired by motivational communication and psychology and aims to incorporate this newly-acquired learning in future professional leadership and creative development consultations.  Prior to attending UVI, Carlos was a communications company leadership trainer, self-employed small business owner, project manager, recording artist, standup comic, comedy improvisor, motivational speaker, video editor, web developer, computer programmer, and writer.  In addition to his educational projects, Carlos contributes humorist articles to several online publications and websites as well as manning several music recording projects.  He is the principal contributor for the Random Safari Express column of the UVI Voice online newspaper.   


George Francis




George Francis is a UVI senior seeking to pursue a career in Communications ever since being an extraordinary team member of his elementary school’s news team. Since then, George has engaged in many leadership roles where he has served as the public relations officer for a number of clubs and organizations and has played a major role in developing a communication strategy for each club/organization. Currently, he serves as secretary for the University of the Virgin Islands Association of Black Journalists (UVIABJ). In his spare time, George enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, spending time with family, and meeting new people.


Hilary Gordon




Hilary Gordon is an interdisciplinary studies major at the University of the Virgin Islands St. Thomas. Her collegiate endeavors began at the University of Colorado Boulder, as an International Affairs major. It should come as no surprise that Miss Gordon’s love for travel and the pursuit of knowledge has taken her around the world as she believes, “the more experiences the better!”  


Symra Hendrickson




Symra Hendrickson is a 27-year-old Communication Majors Senior at the University of the Virgin Islands Orville E. Keen’s campus on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands. Symra is a bright energetic mother of two that plans to pursue a career in Public Relations upon receiving her degree from the university. Symra is currently the Public Communications Coordinator at the Virgin Islands Public Service Commission. Her dream job is to work in Public Relations for the Department of Tourism’s Division of Festivals.


Keanu Jacobs




Keanu Jacobs is a Communications Major with a diverse set of educational and creative experiences.  Recent projects include the “Death Penalty” podcast, winner of the  in ‘Best Radio Drama podcast” category in the 71st Southern Regional Press Institute conference, writing and poetry works, and moderation of SRPI and NAAS conferences.   “My experience with SRPI was amazing and informative. I got an opportunity to moderate sessions and engage with professional speakers all over the world. Moderating sessions with SRPI and NAAS enhanced my confidence, oral communication and networking .”


Shari Lewis




Shari is currently a senior at the University of the Virgin Islands, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Her passion for helping people is the primary reason why she aspires to put her degree to use in the public service sector. Shari seeks to inject her vibrant and cheerful attitude wherever she is present. She carries a motto, ‘words are powerful so use them wisely.” Her leisure time involves spending time with friends and family, watching a good movie or show, or getting creative and crafty. “I am so proud to be part of this film festival led by UVI’s very best!”


Karon Reynolds




Karon is a senior in the University of the Virgin Islands Communication program. He is a photographer with a business called KSR Photography. Karon is also an alumni of the Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute Conference 2020. Upon graduation he aspires to work in the social media or communication industry. Karon is very goal oriented and friendly.


S’Nyah Roberts




S’Niyah Roberts, UVI comm major, recently created the lyrics and performed rap/voiceover for the award winning video, BLOCKCOM which placed first in the 3-minute category in HBCU’s “Inform the Block,” video competition by Fin-Tec @Morgan State. Her vibrant, inquisitive, creative & bubbly personality led her to the field of communication and the desire to become an on-air talent.. Her special hobbies include singing, acting, and creating video content. Roberts is a panelist in the Summit and has assisted in the recruitment of guests and
advertisement of the 2021 UVIABJ Journalism Summit. Her vocal rendition of the popular tune, “I’ll Rise” by Etana will be featured in the program., She is very excited for the opportunity to spark conversations about topics that
affect us all; what caused them, how we are affected, and how we can solve these problems.


Shugga Rosenbloom




Shugga Rosenbloom is a non-traditional Senior in Communications at HBCU University of the Virgin Islands. Ms. Rosenbloom, a global traveler, and lover of the arts, is currently living in the South of France, during this season of pandemonium.

Ms. Rosenbloom believes that this is a season of change for everyone. It doesn’t
matter your age, color, religious belief, where you live, your income statues
or who you know, every human has been affected with the global crises we
are standing in. It’s up to us make to adjust and choose to believe that a
change is going to come.


Hunter Simpson




Hunter Simpson is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school at Gifft Hill School on St.John. He is interested in pursuing a career in sports journalism and is excited to work with the communications team at UVI. Right now, he is interning at the Virgin Islands Source covering local sports in and around the territory.


Kasem Thompson




Kasem Thopson, a native from the island of Anguilla, is
currently a senior music education major and communication minor at
the University of the Virgin Islands. He is a multi-instrumentalist
involved in many performing groups, regionally, and seeks to serve any
various communication capacities wherever he goes. His most recent
successes include being the Musical Producer and Video Editor for
UVI’s Video Submission to The Fintech Center’s “HBCU Students: Inform
the Block” which captured first place. Kasem was also as crowned the
new Homecoming King at UVI for the year 2021-2022. In this inaugural
Summit, he may be seen performing with the National HBCU Choir
rendering “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”


Indeyah Todman




Indeyah Todman is a Communication major at the University of the Virgin Islands in St. Croix. She aspires to become a journalist and news anchor in the future. Ms. Todman possesses skills in graphic designing, video editing, and writing. Her hobbies are listening to music and watching YouTube videos. She loves and thanks her mother, brother, grandmother, grandfather, godmother, and all other family members who continues to support her throughout her life.  


Johanna Gonzalez Weekes




Johanna Gonzalez Weekes is a Dean’s List student in the school of Business at UVI pursuing the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance and a minor in Communication. This student is well versed in many things such as being a Military Police in the US Army, Human Resource Assistant, softball player and devoted to her studies whether military or civilian. Not to mention, the sole owner of Trend It 340, one of the company’s sponsoring the Film Festival.


Dr. Sharon Honore




Dr. Honore has taught mass/social media to students in higher education for many years (Houston, Prairie View, Baton Rouge, Augusta, Austin, Iowa City, Montgomery). She claims that her relocation to the USVI has presented “opportunities to work with some of the most interesting and brilliant students I have ever had the privilege to interact with.”