Contest Winners


Congratulations to this year’s contest winners. 

Their creativity, passion, love for the art, and hard work and artistic vision is clearly visible in these award-winning entries.



Day 1 Winners:


Video — Video Podcast: 

Carlos Eton
“Random Random”


Video — PSA:

Karon Reynolds
“Maintaining Good Mental Health”


Audio — PSA:

Hilary Gordon


Video  — Theater Filmography:

Carlos Eton
“For The Love Of Sophie”


Video — Feature Film:

Michael Bell
“Interview With The Governor”


Video — Music Video: 

Carlos Eton


Day 2 Winners:


Audio — Commercial:

Carlos Eton
Kingshill Music School


Video — Dramatic Short [TIE]: 

George Francis
“A Journey With Purpose”



Shari Lewis
“Mocking Is Catching”


Video — Commercial:

Laurika Jade
A Ride Of A Lifetime


Video — Comedic Short:

Carlos Eton
Love Thy Neighbor


Special Mention:

These entries were worthy of a special mention due to their innovation and originality.

J’Nise Gifft
The Culture Fairy



Nadege Barber
Blockcom Journalism Verified


Christopher McDonald,
Coral World Ocean Park



Symra Hendrickson
Simplicity Magazine


Carlos Eton
The Scream



Malik Gomes
Destination Unknown