For Competitors

Thank you for your interest in the festival competition.  

Though the 2022 Caribbean Cinematic And Arts Festival has concluded, we will be back next year and encourage you to participate.

If you are interested in participating in next year’s event, please contact us.

See you soon!

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Caribbean Islanders are bold, creative visionaries and this year’s new festival features new and exciting competition categories to reflect that innovative spirit.


Festival entries will be judged by a jury of panelists that include industry professionals, university representatives, UVI students, and community art enthusiasts.

Merit, recognition, and special mention prizes will be awarded to the winners in each video (short films, commercials, documentaries, and theatrical cinema productions) and audio (radio plays, podcasts, commercials and public service announcements) category.  

Media submissions will be judged on the creativity, passion, and tenacity of the artists to reveal depth, sharpness, audacity, daring and humanity.  

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